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Mystery Box Sale is Back!

Unleash a wave of excitement with our Mystery Box Sale! Back by popular demand, this limited-time offer lets you discover hidden gems from our Fall, Winter, and Holiday collections at discounts up to 50% off!

Choose from 6 unique mystery boxes each containing fragrances from our Autumn, Winter & Holiday collections.

Mystery Box Sale

Spring Collection

Spring collection


A collection of spring scents and crafts including spring holiday's like Valentines... 

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February 2024 Scent of the Month

Welcome Back One Love, our February Scent of the Month! This limited edition fragrance features a blend of apples, grapefruit, oranges, red berries, papaya and sweet coconut. Order now and experience the refreshing scent of Tundra!

One Love

Pour Your Own Custom Candle!

Want to make your own signature fragrance? Our pour your own candle station is now open! Schedule your appointment now.

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Holiday / Winter Collection

Holiday/Winter Collection | Good Life Candle & Craft


A collection of Holiday scents and Holiday craft items 

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Wax Warmers to help scent your life!

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Air Fresheners - Perfect for Car, Home or Office

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Handcrafted Soap, Bath, & Body Products