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Emerald Isle - Vegan Bar Soap

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Emerald Isle - Vegan Bar Soap

Hand made and in small batches to control quality, our Emerald Isle Vegan Bar Soap is a great all around bar with abundant lather, cleansing and conditioning ingredients plus the addition of sea salt which adds exfoliation, detoxification, can help reduce inflammation, and helps produce a creamy lather that is not drying on skin.  

The scent profile is citrus, fresh herbs, white flowers, green foliage, and woods.

All of our products use high quality materials and ingredients.  This bar uses distilled water, aloe vera liquid, olive oil for conditioning, coconut oil for rich lather, castor oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, sea salt, mica (mineral colorant) and titanium dioxide (white mineral colorant).

Approx. 142 gm

GLCC promise

Customer Reviews

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Susan Goracke
Emerald Isle

My favorite! Smells so fresh and clean. Wish you made this in the other products. It’s the best!