Welcome to Good Life Candle & Craft

We are a small business, a husband and wife duo, and our story is one of creativity and nostalgia turning into an unexpected passion.

Did we think we would be candle and soap makers growing up? … No, but sense of smell is one of the most powerful triggers of memory, and we were able to recreate fragrances that brought us back to some of our favorite places, people, and times and we hope they do the same for you too!  We combined that talent with a desire and ability to handcraft a variety of products that you can use everyday and feel good about!

We use top quality ingredients in all our products like natural Coconut and Soy based waxes, cotton and paper wicks, phthalate free fragrance oils, and locally sourced ingredients like our tallow, goat milk, and beer for our soaps.

We look forward to delivering a scent that transports you to your "happy place." Your new favorite sniff is only one click away!

Sending Good Vibes your way!
Jon & Nicci
Good Life Candle & Craft

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