About Us

Welcome to Good Life Candle & Craft

We are a small business, a husband and wife duo and GLCC was started because we found happiness in crafting products that have the power to bring joy, peace, and maybe a little bit of relaxation. We like to say we are sending “good vibes from good life”.

It has been said that "sense of smell" is one of the most powerful triggers of memory and we agree. Have you ever been transported back to a moment in time because you smelled something associated with that memory? We have, and that is the focus of our work. We blend scents that remind us of some of our favorite places, people, and times and hope they do the same for you too.

Creating unique combinations is the fun part for us!  We look forward to delivering a scent that transports you to your "happy place." Your new favorite sniff is only one click away!


Jon & Nicci
Good Life Candle & Craft