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Scent Of The Month Wax Melts - January - Cheers

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Release Month and Scent

Scent of the Month Wax Melts

Do you love wax melts and crave the newest seasonal and "limited" release scents? This is the deal for you! Each month a new fragrance blend is curated and a limited number of wax melts are poured. Once gone, they're done for the year! You can guarantee one in your mailbox each month by subscribing today! Never miss out on the scent of the month! 

January 2022 Release - Cheers - A new year is here!  To kick off a new year and celebrate the end of 2021 we are releasing the scent Cheers!  Cheers represents the appreciation and acknowledgment for the past and the celebration and joy for the potential of the new year.  The scent profile is the nostalgic smell of red berries, sweet champagne and ozone.  (red berries, effervescent, ozone, crisp fruit)

Wax: Soy Blend: Soy wax blended with food grade paraffin. You get the best of both worlds! Smooth, creamy appearance and amazing and long lasting scent throw. 

Volume: 2.5 oz clamshell

Fragrance: Top quality phthalate free fragrance oils.

Hand-poured in the USA

Click here for Safety and Candle Care Instructions.

GLCC promise

December 2021 Release: Iced Winterberry - December is here! which means there is a chill in the air, the Holiday’s are in full swing, and a new year is about to dawn.  Our December scent of the month is a beautiful combination of winter berries, sweet-delicate florals, and decadent vanilla.  The scent profile is red winterberry, ruby apple, jasmine, orchid, vanilla, sugar, and cedarwood.  

November 2021 Release: Pumpkin Maple Latte - The intriguing scent of crunchy maple and brown-sugared pumpkin enhanced with golden clove, cracked cinnamon stick, nutmeg, and hints of creamy latte.  Our November release is an instant classic that has nostalgic notes of the season with the Holidays just around the corner. 

Customer Reviews

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Best smell ever!

My kitchen and living room legit smell like Fruit Loops cereal!! My son asked if I could always make our house smell like this!! It's long lasting and and overall great smell!!