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Ranch Hand Scented Candle

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Ranch Hand Scented Candle

Ranch Hand was created to remind me of my childhood growing up on a farm in the Midwest and walking into a saddle shop or leather store where the strong scent of leather, hay bales and cedar fencing combined to produce a combination that for me, is nostalgic. - Jon

A rustic scent profile combining deep leather with woodsy notes of cedar, herbs, suede and a base of amber and velvet musks.

Volume Options:
16 oz Mason Jar
16 oz Pint Can
10 oz Glass w/Bamboo Lid
6 oz Tin


Wax: Soy Blend 

Wick: Cotton Braided

Hand-poured in the USA

Click here for Safety and Candle Care Instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Craig Hudak

Ranch Hand Scented Candle

I would be devastated if they ever stopped production on this candle!

I was never a fan of leather smelling candles until I found this at a craft show. Smelled it and thought, what the heck….I’ll try it. I’m in LOVE! The throw is 10/10, it fills the entire lower level of my home. I get compliments on it from visitors all the time. It reminds me of being on a ranch in Montana. Perfect blend. 😍

Hubby loves the scent

My husband loves the scent. Reminds him of a new car!!

Thank you! - Happy to hear that he loves it.
Sending good vibes!
Jon & Nicci

Ranch hand is an epic win!!

This candle smells so amazing, its what I imagine Rip Wheeler smells like, rich in amber, and leather. Its got the smell of saddles, cowboy boots, and a hint of the sweet smell of mineral. If you grew up on a farm or ranch you know exactly what smell I'm talking about!! Love this candle so much!

Thanks for the awesome feedback Jen! That is exactly why we love this scent too and worked to blend it. Growing up on a farm myself, I wanted to create a scent that reminded me of our barn and going to the farm and ranch stores with my dad.
Thanks for your support and the great review!
Jon & Nicci

A little too "leather" heavy.

I was looking for more cedar and I can't smell it at all over the leather scent. All I smell is leather. 4 stars, though, because it does smell good.

Thank you for the review Stacy. Ranch Hand is definitely heavy on the leather notes. I blended the scent with the memory in mind of growing up on our farm and going into a saddle room or leather shop.
If you are looking for a distinct cedar scent, I don't have anything yet that is mainly cedar, but we do have several that have slight cedarwood notes. Flannel + Fall, Hey Good Lookin, and Frosted Birch. But if your looking for something woodsy, I would recommend our scent called Wild which has an exotic woodsy blend that you might like.
Cheers! - Jon & Nicci