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Salty Lil' Beach Leather Air Freshener

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Salty Lil' Beach Leather Air Freshener

Our Leather Air Fresheners are great for your vehicle, home, office, or any smaller space that you want to have a continuous scent.  We use real leather pendants, apply our Good Life Candle & Craft "good vibes" logo, add an eyelet with hanging band, and scent the leather using our premium phthalate free fragrance oils.

The scent features a tropical vibe with hints of tropical citrus, sea moss, sea salt, & sandalwood.  The scent experience is sure to transport you to a lush tropical landscape with that perfect beach!

Scent profile of sweet citrus, crisp green, sugar, sea moss, sea salt, ocean air, and sandalwood.

Last approx. 60 days

Re-scent kits available.

Customer Reviews

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Mikenzie Blessing
Salty Lil' Beach is THE BEST

Salty Lil Beach is hands down one of my favorite scents. Even in the middle of winter, I'm hanging this in my vehicle. It's not overpowering, not super floraly and it brings my mind to warmer times