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Salty Sailor Scented Leather Air Freshener

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Salty Sailor Scented Leather Air Freshener

Our Leather Air Fresheners are great for your vehicle, home, office, or any smaller space that you want to have a continuous scent.  We use real leather pendants, apply our Good Life Candle & Craft "good vibes" logo, add an eyelet with hanging band, and scent the leather using our premium phthalate free fragrance oils.

A spicy blend of coconut and dark musks.  Salty Sailor is the perfect scent combination to transport you back to a time of wooden boats using nothing but the wind to cross the seas, the discovery of new lands with exotic fruits and spices, and tropical destinations with sun soaked beaches and turquoise blue waters.

Salty Sailor features a scent combination of coconut, citrus, clove, floral, wood, ginger, amber, and musk.

Last approx. 60 days.

Re-scent kits available.

Good Life Promise

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Simone Duryea

Smells good and looks good