Ranch Hand Scented Candle

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Ranch Hand Scented Candle

Ranch Hand was created to remind me of my childhood growing up on a farm in the Midwest and walking into a saddle shop or leather store where the strong scent of leather, hay bales and cedar fencing combined to produce a combination that for me, is nostalgic. - Jon

A rustic scent profile combining deep leather with woodsy notes of cedar, herbs, suede and a base of amber and velvet musks.

Volume Options:
9 oz Straight Sided Jar
7 oz Glass with Bamboo Lid
4 oz Tin

Soy Blend - Blended with soy and food grade paraffin, you get the best of both worlds! Smooth, creamy appearance and great scent throw.

Cotton Braided

Hand-poured in the USA

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Customer Reviews

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A little too "leather" heavy.

I was looking for more cedar and I can't smell it at all over the leather scent. All I smell is leather. 4 stars, though, because it does smell good.

Thank you for the review Stacy. Ranch Hand is definitely heavy on the leather notes. I blended the scent with the memory in mind of growing up on our farm and going into a saddle room or leather shop.
If you are looking for a distinct cedar scent, I don't have anything yet that is mainly cedar, but we do have several that have slight cedarwood notes. Flannel + Fall, Hey Good Lookin, and Frosted Birch. But if your looking for something woodsy, I would recommend our scent called Wild which has an exotic woodsy blend that you might like.
Cheers! - Jon & Nicci


We actually bought a few candles all were great smelling!

Best scents, longest lasting candles in the Midwest

Take me to a bonfire outside of a leather shop