Playa Papaya Scented Candle

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Playa Papaya Scented Candle

Hints of tropical fruit, coconut and vanilla in this candle will remind you of your perfect beach day with those cute little umbrella drinks & sun-tan lotion as you relax in your beach chair under the warm sun.

Scent profile of mango, papaya, coconut, and vanilla.

Volume Options:

10 oz Glass w/Bamboo LId
16 oz 4 wick Tin
9 oz Straight Sided Jar
7 oz Glass w/Bamboo Lid
4 oz Tin

Soy Blend - Blended with soy and food grade paraffin, you get the best of both worlds! Smooth, creamy appearance and great scent throw.

Cotton Braided

Hand-poured in the USA

Click here for Safety and Candle Care Instructions.