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Bread Pan Containers

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A collection of Bread Pan Containers

We spend some of the free time we have at events, shows and around town hunting for unique containers to put candles in. These are unique bread pan containers that add vintage flare to any decor plus they pack a big scent punch featuring scents that relate to the bread pans or scents that are some of our most popular.

Birthday Cake - creamy vanilla, cocoa butter, melted butter, sweet caramel, sugared berries, warm spices

Beauty & The Beach - Citrus, ozone, coconut, clean floral, vanilla, cedarwood

Cinnamon Cashmere - features, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Jasmine, Orchid, and Cedarwood.

Everything Zen - Citrus, ginger, juicy pear, rich florals, warm musk, salted driftwood

Fig & Fern - fresh fig, green, herbal, berry, woods, floral

Laguna Woods - Bergamot, ozone, geranium, lavender, amber, spice, woods

Sizes will be noted in the options.

1-3 wicks depending on size of container.  

Check this listing often, because new options will show up as we get them and make the candles.  

If you have any old bread pans like these and want to sell them, please let us know.

Wax: Soy Blend

Wick: Cotton braid

Candle Care Instructions

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